Visa Gold

Visa Gold

Features and Rules:

1- Validity: 3 Years.

2- Currency: USD and the withdrawal outside Iraq will be in the currency of the local country of the transaction.

3- Holder of VISA GOLD Card can make online purchases or direct purchases via Point of Sales inside and outside Iraq.

4- Cash withdrawal inside and outside Iraq from ATM is (USD 1800) (Three thousand US Dollars) per day.

5- The Maximum online purchase is (USD 5000) (Five Thousand US Dollars) per day.

6- Maximum direct purchase via Point of Sales is (USD 5,000) (Five thousand US Dollars) per day.

7- Supplementary Cards: Card Holder may get issued supplementary cards.

Fees and Commissions:

1- VISA GOLD card issuance fees is: (USD 25) + (USD 25) for SMS services (Optional).

2- SMS commission is deducted annually from the customer's account without any prior notice (only for those who have availed the service).

3- Withdrawal commission from non-TBI ATM inside and outside Iraq is 5% of the total cash amount.

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