Trade Bank of Iraq supports the Iraqi culture to protect treasures

“Trade Bank of Iraq supports the Iraqi culture to protect treasures”

The Trade Bank of Iraq contributed to the support of the Iraqi Ministry of Culture by donating to the House of Iraqi Manuscripts for what it represents of a cultural heritage, as it is the largest house of manuscripts in Iraq and the Arab world and one of the most important houses of manuscripts in the world, the House of represents the central department responsible for preserving manuscripts in Iraq. The importance of the House lies in the fact that it preserves thousands of important and priceless manuscripts belonging to poets, philosophers, and men of history, including various knowledge, literature and arts, and extending to different historical periods.

The bank donated to the House of Iraqi Manuscripts an amount of (100,000,000 IQD) one hundred million Iraqi dinars, to support the scientific and cultural institutions, the role of TBI in supporting various state institutions such as hospitals, schools and orphanages is well known, as well as, its social initiatives for various segments of society in order to enhance its role in sharing and facilitating the difficulties that Iraqi people are going through.

The handover ceremony took place in the presence of the head of the storage department at the Iraqi Manuscripts House, Ms. “Mona Naji Abbas Aziz”, and from TBI, the head of the retail banking department, Mr. “Thamir Khairallah Ghathban”. Dr. (Ahmed Al-Alawi, Director General of the House of Iraqi Manuscripts) praised the role played by TBI through its initiatives to support various state institutions, stressing the importance of providing special equipment and conducting maintenance and restoration operations for the house to provide the appropriate environment to protect the manuscripts with historical value.

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