TBI-The Economic Sponsor of Basra International Book Fair 2021


TBI-The Economic Sponsor of Basra International Book Fair 2021


Press release

Iraq – Baghdad

October 21, 2021

Since books were and still the initial source of knowledge for human, especially Iraqi people, including but not limited to it intellectuals, writers, scientists, thinkers, and many others, who were and still egger to learn everything new, explore history, and share their culture and knowledge with the rest of the world, Trade Bank of Iraq participated as an economic sponsor for the Basra International Book Fair 2021.

The support of the bank for this fair is very important due to what the book represents, especially for Arab region. When you read or hear the well-known motto stating “Cairo Writes…Beirut Prints… Baghdad Reads” you can see how societies worked together to produce, develop, and cherish all types of book; the thing that raised them to the highest levels of education and science.

Through its participation, TBI played a very significant role in introducing the public to how to use banking services by providing necessary information and educative materials. The bank also introduced the products it provides to enable people use them in best and right ways.

At the end, we emphasize the importance of partnership in all fields and levels and its role in activating and revitalizing the economy in different forms and models, the thing than ensures a serious and effective contribution to financing the various economic sectors thus serving our beloved country.


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