Opining TBI new branch in Missan Oil Company

Opining TBI new branch in Missan Oil Company

In order to continue expanding more branches in different areas, the Trade Bank of Iraq has opened its new branch in Missan Oil Company where it started work on (31/05/2017).

“We have opened the new branch of our bank in Missan Oil Company because we seek to be as close as possible to our customers, the thing that would enable us to give them the necessary support such as consultations and financial services to strengthen the partnership.

Said Mr. Faisal Al-Haimus, CEO & Chairman of board of directors.

“In the near future, TBI shall continue to open new branches locally & regionally to provide more services e for its customers. There will also new projects and products that will be lunched soon to fulfill all the needs of individuals in the banking sector and we assure you that we still following our motto “Natagair Nahwa Al-afdahl” (Changing toward the best) “

Explained Mr. Al-Haimus

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