Keep your information confidential from financial fraud



Dear Customers ….

We emphasize to take the utmost care and caution in your financial transactions and confidentiality obligations, and an avoiding dealing with any entities, website, Social media pages and any other online impersonating the Trade Bank of Iraq “TBI” their actual goal is to exploit individuals and seize their funds.

Therefore, for your own safety, please take cautions and avoid falling victim to this fraud. We emphasize the necessity of maintaining the confidentiality of your banking information and not sharing or disclosing any details related to your electronic cards such as (card image, name engraved on the card, card number, and CVV code).

TBI provides all its services exclusively through its branches across all the provinces of Iraq. No entity is authorized to provide these services on behalf of “TBI” through any websites or online pages.

Therefore, please take precautions and avoid dealing with any unreliable entity.

In case you notice any entity, pages and websites claiming its affiliated or carrying the name (Trade Bank of Iraq), please contact us via below numbers:-

Customer Service Phone/07901944250

Customer Complaints Phone/07801959597

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