Cythara of Earth and Spring of Life, 16-day campaign

“Cythara of Earth and Spring of Life”

The woman is the mother, sister, wife, colleague and friend who gives unconditional endless love; she is beginning of life

Trade Bank of Iraq commemorates the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women with Iraqi Private banks league in a 16-day campaign, which was organized in partnership with the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) to combat and prevent violence against women, providing them with social justice they deserve, and to present opportunities of discussing challenges with solutions.

The campaign was participated by number of Government personalities, a delegation from the Community Police, figures from Civil Society Organizations, number of Iraqi bankers as well as News and Media agencies. This activity also included honoring a number of participating women such as , among others, the (Survivors of Conflict).

In order to achieve the motto “Cythara of Earth and Spring of Life”, it is necessary to provide moral and psychological support to women, create awareness in society, preserve the gains and achievements they made in life in all fields, and emphasizing on respecting their role in life. These are the positive steps in towards achieving justice for all the women in the world.





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